Monday, August 07, 2006

Over The Weekend

I always enjoy a good tamale. Sunday at the farmer's market I bought some tamales at "Corn Maiden Foods" from Harbor City, CA. They offer many types of tamales. I chose one "Green corn with sweet yellow corn" and one "Blue corn, roasted green chile and Monterey Jack". I chose two sauces to try: "New Mexico Chile & Garlic" (Spicy) and the "Tomato Chipotle" (Medium). You can buy the tamales frozen or fresh. I bought fresh. The tamales were $3.00 each. The price included a sauce of your choice. I liked the "Green corn with sweet yellow corn" tamale best. I tried it with both sauces. I found what I liked most was eating the tamale plain. Although the sauces were both good, I liked the "Tomato Chipotle" sauce the best. It was not that spicy. It had a little kick but mostly it had a nice roasted tomato flavor. I am not a huge sauce fan. I usually like most of my food "on its own". A sauce always seems to cover up the actual flavor of the food. The "Blue Corn" tamale was good but a little bland compared to the other.

Heirloom Tomatoes are back in season. I don't know about you but I love these tomatoes. I do however wonder if I will ever try all of the varieties! There are so many! This week I bought these varieties: Celebrity, Cherokee, Lemon Box, Green Zebra, and a Brandy Wine. I love the Brandy Wine. This week they were really juicy and almost sweet. I like to eat them alone with a little sea salt pinched on top. (I will have to let you know about the others later on in the week).


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