Monday, October 16, 2006

Human Hibernation and World Bread Day

I have noticed lately I cannot eat enough food. I crave bread and comfort foods more than anything else. I had just started to wonder what’s up? When-it hit me. It’s fall. Although, I live in CA and the seasons aren’t like they are back East, my body still kicks in the “stock it up for the winter mode”. I think my eating habits change due to the days becoming shorter and the nights longer. All it makes me want to do is curl up and eat!

I think my favorite (let’s call it) “hibernation food” is probably homemade macaroni & cheese or fresh baked bread. I should also mention mashed potatoes. What is your favorite "hibernation" food?

Today is “World Bread Day”. What a perfect time of year to have this holiday. So-eat up everyone!



Anonymous Erika Carney Haub said...

My favorite fall comfort food? Fer's chili and cornbread!!!!

10:27 PM  

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