Tuesday, October 03, 2006


How can it be in our world of abundance there are people still hungry? I ask myself this question often. I wonder why so many people have so much and so many more have so little. People work so hard just to barely feed their families. For me the hunger issue is simple. People need food. Let’s give it to them.

Over the weekend I went to the farmer’s market. I noticed a man handing over to a booth owner some W.I.C. coupons when he announced that he was taking a bag of oranges. “They are $2.00 a bag-right?” The owner nodded his head yes and took the coupons from the man. The man walked away holding his child’s hand and his huge bag of oranges. I don’t know why this hit me so hard. I guess I feel so lucky that I am able to buy what I want at the market and have never even noticed that oranges are only $2.00 a bag.

I started walking back to my car and along the way there were people handing out free vegetarian meals from a van. There were piles of these free meals. Only in America can you walk down the street buying food while being offered free food. As I continued to walk, I noticed a man in front of me declining his free sample. When I declined, I wished there was someway to give my free sample to someone who needs it.

Later, I went to the grocery store to finish my shopping when I noticed again someone offering free energy drink samples. Everyone is walking past the “drink man” and turning down the free samples.

Something is really wrong where it is a struggle for someone to buy a $2.00 bag of oranges when all of this free promotion food is being handed out. In fact we have so much food we decline it even when it is free. Wouldn’t we all live in a better society if we would give out free food based on need rather than choice?



Anonymous douglas said...

Awesome post, Fer. Awesome

I think you can find this on the U.N. website. But the information goes something like this:

The U.N. has a "wish list" for feeding the world's hungry. They have programs that have proposed what they believe it would cost to feed the hungry of the world.

The U.S. and U.K. spend more money on pet food than the amount of money it would cost to fund the U.N. programs. Hmmmmmmm.

I love my cat a lot. She is a stray that adopted us. She waits for me in the morning, patiently, and hungerly, sitting outside my door. She waits for me when I come home. Sitting there.

There is also a man under the freeway overpass. He is there every morning when I go to work. Patiently, hungerly waiting. He is there when I come home. Sitting there.

I feed her freely everyday. Something about her softness maybe. Something about the fact that I find it sweet she is waiting for me so tenaciously.

I have never feed my freeway friend. Something about his hardness maybe. Something about the fact that I find it overwhelming that he is waiting for me so tenaciously. What could I actually do anyway, right!


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Blogger Maureen said...

It's not simply food people need. Other things were took away from a hungry person, before this person became hungry, like respect opportunity and dignity.

9:37 PM  

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