Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Salt! Kosher

Kosher salt is regular salt that is named for its use in the preparation of meat according to the requirements of Jewish dietary guidelines. Kosher salt has half the saltiness of sea salt and is often the salt of choice in professional kitchens. It is a mined salt, free of chemicals and additives. It generally comes in flakes rather than granules. The flakes dissolve easily, and taste more salty than ordinary table salt. Due to the shape of the granules, there is simply less salt in a pinch of kosher salt than in a pinch of table salt. This is the kind of salt most often used on top of pretzels and on the rims of margarita glasses. Kosher salt comes in fine and coarse grain.


Anonymous douglas said...

I'm confused. You say Kosher salt is half as salty as sea salt but then later say that not all kosher salt is sea salt. One seems to be comparing two unlike objects while the other seems to say they are alike but sometimes different.

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4:35 PM  
Anonymous jeremy said...

I use Kosher salt a lot around the house. It's my favorite "pinching" salt, though I have to confess that I usually double the pinches if I'm following a recipie.

Salt (besides making things taste more like themselves) has this amazing property of absorbing moisture -- even pulling it out of things. This is the reason Kosher salt is used in meat preparation. The flakes adhere to the meat better and coat it more evenly, and the salt absorbs blood, which is very much *not* Kosher.

It's also why I prefer to use Kosher salt when I'm sweating vegetables, like when I'm coloring the flavor of a Quiche with scallions.

3:36 PM  

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