Monday, September 18, 2006

Popeye has seen some sad days...

I was in a restaurant this morning reading a menu when I overheard the next table having a discussion with one of the wait staff. “I would like Eggs Benedict,” announced the customer sitting in the chair behind me. So-the wait staff quickly replied back “Ok but there is no spinach today”.

At times like this I think about how scary it is that we depend on and always assume that our food is safe to eat. We bring groceries to our home, prepare them and then eat our meals without a worry in the world that it will make us ill. How lucky we all are that normally we can live this way. That is until times like these where something goes askew.


Read: How Ready-to-Eat Spinach Is Only Part of the E. Coli Problem


Anonymous douglas said...

And how quickly this hits ALL spinach growers. Ventura county had all orders canceled when the news broke. But nowhere in Ventura county has there ever been e. coli found in Ventura.

Tru dat we do the same with people. Some bad spinach and we throw it all out.

9:01 PM  

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