Tuesday, October 17, 2006

That's sum dressing

I was walking by a corkboard today. You know, the ones that people attach their business cards and personal items for sale. Thumb tacked amongst the usual items on the corkboard was a stack of about ten sheets of paper - photocopies - of a handwritten recipe for some sort of Chinese salad dressing. This was only slightly odd as first as it only simply looked out of place. But it got odder as you started to take note of the quantities of the ingredients involved: eight gallons of mayonnaise... two quarts of sesame oil... one gallon cold water, etc.

This struck me funny as while it was considerate to share the recipe, but at the same time nearly rude in its unhelpfulness in regards to the specifics. My curiosity was killing me! I mean, who has eight gallons of mayonnaise just lying around? Two scoops of sugar? How big is the scoop? Are all mixer speeds at setting "1" turn at the same speed? And is this actually a Chinese recipe using mayonnaise!? I find it more likely that this would be an American recipe for a Chinese-inspired salad dressing.

One thing's for sure, I'll be keeping this recipe handy for the time I'm REALLY craving a big salad with Chinese dressing.


Anonymous Steven said...

What a funny story! I wish I were there to see it!

10:56 PM  

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