Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pretzel Croissant Madness!

It blows me away how good the pretzel croissants are at City Bakery. Traditionally when I go to a bakery I go for the sweet stuff. A chocolate chip cookie, a chocolate croissant or a pastry of some sort. When I enter into City Bakery all I can think about is these pretzel croissants. What a great combination. The salt of a pretzel meets the sweet soft texture of a croissant.


The City Bakery
Brentwood Country Mart
225 26th St. (San Vicente Blvd.)
Santa Monica, CA 90402


Anonymous cincodemayo1 said...

This sounds WAY too good to be true...I'm gonna have to make the trek from Hollywood one of these days!

5:08 PM  

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