Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Outside To Eat My Lunch

The other day I went outside to eat my lunch. I have a new office and a wonderful picnic table. It was breezy and beautiful. A perfect 73 degrees. I was among five other people doing the same thing as me - enjoying the day and eating their lunch.

I was struck. In front of each one of us were choices or findings that we had gathered and brought to the table to nourish ourselves. I had a salad (That is what I always have for lunch). My friend had a turkey sandwich. One girl had three small bowls that made up her lunch: a bowl of olives; a small bowl of peaches; and a bowl of mixed nuts. Across from me-there was an avocado being cut into and eaten whole. There was a warmed up bean burrito being eaten with a fork. A woman at the end of the table opened her large sealed bowl to reveal fresh cooked green beans mixed with toasted coconut. I wondered what that would taste like and where she had learned the recipe.

Food reveals so much about who we are. It gives a peak into our own individual experience and influence. I often wonder why we chose a specific food to eat or how that food is prepared. We all have such personal preferences and with this diversity we uncover so many new ways to enjoy food.



Anonymous Steven said...

I had a ham and muenster cheese with spinach leaves on toasted wheat bread and mayo.

And a glass of milk.

I wonder what that says about me...

8:42 AM  

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