Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pick a Water any Water

I am always curious about the marketing behind bottled water. There are too many brands to even remember nowadays. I do remember when Evian was pretty much your only choice and hardly anyone would put up the money to buy it. Now water is the craze. The beautiful packaging and all the promise behind what “this brand” can do for you!

Recently, I have tried the popular new mint flavor waters. The newest one out is called Metromint. I don’t care for it as it reminds me too much of going to the dentist. The water claims that due to the mint in the water it will aid in digestion and is purified using reverse osmosis membrane filtration. Which is claimed to the purest filtration technology available. There is just something about drinking water that reminds me of a “lite” mouthwash. So-I have to take a pass on this one.

The other bottled water I have tried lately is called Hint. I love their “look” and their name. They offer many flavors that show a “hint” in their water. I find the water very pleasant. I didn’t try their mint version (surprise!). But-I liked the cucumber flavor and the lime flavor.

One bottled brand I do like is Vitamin Water. It has electrolytes (Magnesium, potassium and calcium) added to the water that is formulated to assist in “rapid hydration” of the body. For me one huge difference drinking this water is I can gulp it. I can finish the bottle and want to finish the bottle. There are some people that can chug down water. I am not one of those people-I nurse it. I drink the amount of water I need for the day and that suits me just fine. But-when I drink Vitamin Water/Smart Water I drink it all and want more. I like it and it tastes great. My favorite flavor right now is “Formula 50”. (It is actually named for the rapper 50 cent’s new album).

One thing I would like to do at Fer Food is a taste test of many different brands of plain, non-flavored waters and see how they rate.


p.s. Oh! The photo above is a new water called Liquid Salvation Water. It claims to be “ultra-hydrating" and is “pure water for an impure world”. The bottle is a plastic shaped flask. It says, “Ask for the flask!” I think I have seen every style of bottled water now.


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