Monday, January 29, 2007

A Cup of Tea

It rained this weekend. I love it when it rains. There is nothing like a spot of tea on a rainy day. I like carrying the cup in my hand as it warms me up just holding it.

My favorite teas are oolong and chamomile. I usually drink my tea plain but if I am in a mood for sweet I add a small amount if honey. I like a strong black tea with a dash of milk. However, recently there are findings that by adding milk to tea the beneficial effects are completely prevented. Here are some of the health benefits of tea:

Tea suppresses the appetite and inhibits excess body fat. Oolong and Green teas help speed calorie burning.

Green teas has a high content of vitamins and minerals.

Black and green teas are full of antioxidants.

Tea helps fight cancer, heart disease and regulate cholesterol.

Tea boosts the immune system. It can help fight off infections, harmful bacteria and viruses.

Long term consumption of tea may help strengthen bones.

I find that there isn't much left in life that has a slow process. Everything and everyone moves so quickly. If the process is slow we find ways to speed it up. Making a cup of tea slows us down. This is such a good thing!

Here are a few suggestions for brewing tea:

Use fresh or bottled water whenever possible. Water quality is as important to the flavor of the tea as the tea itself. Bad water will create bad tea no matter how good the tea.

For black teas, bring the water to a full rolling boil, but do not over-boil the water.

For green teas, bring the water just to the boiling point (steaming, no bubbles)

Pre-warm your teapot with a some hot water. Pour the warming water out of the pot before adding the tea leaves and hot water.

Add one level teaspoon of tea for every cup of water. Tea strainers and infusing baskets may be used or the leaves can be added directly to the pot. I like an infusion spoon for loose tea leaves.

Steep full black leaves four to five minutes but experiment to find your perfect "brew". Steep delicate green teas and smaller leaf teas for less time. These teas should steep for about three minutes. Some of the finer teas may be infused several times.


Blogger Alpineberry Mary said...

I like the photo. Very artistic.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my current fav is sleepytime by celestial seasons. mmmmm mmmm good.

10:18 PM  
Blogger Fer said...

I love Sleepy Time too!

10:35 PM  

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