Wednesday, February 28, 2007

3 on Fourth

This intimate SM neighborhood place, offers many small plate options and an entrées. The menu is influenced by three regions: America, Europe and Japan. Hence the "3" on Fourth.

Daniel Snukal, a former private chef and caterer, along with his brother Joshua, have created 3 on Fourth in Santa Monica, CA. It is a gem waiting to be found.

It is encouraged to order your meal anyway you prefer. Do you only want a few small plates or a small plate for an appetizer and then a large plate for an entrée? Ordering small plates is such a great way to experiment with what a new restaurant has to offer.

We arrived on a Saturday night at 7:30pm and received a table right away. This won't happen for very much longer because as soon as this new spot is received you will need a reservation like everywhere else.

I loved the attention from the staff. It wasn't just a "Can I offer you what you need to make your visit special?". Each one of the staff we came in contact were excited about the food. They were each personally invested in what was being served and could not wait to share it with us.

We had three small plate options and one of the large plate entrees. We had the Crispy Coriander and Ginger Shrimp. This is the only item still on the menu from when the place originally opened seven months ago. It was simply delicious. We had the Green Pea Ravioli with Scallop, Mascarpone and Ricotta as our large plate. It was a filling of peas pureed with the sweet texture of the cheese and wrapped inside a perfect al dente pasta shell.

This small place has their own Sommelier. He had wonderful suggestions. We were quite pleased with his recommendations and are excited to try more options on our next visit. He suggested we try two half bottles of wine due to our small plate selections. If you are into wine, I recommend you give him a chance to offer you suggestions.

The only so-so thing about the place is their desserts. We tried the flourless chocolate Cake. It wasn't very good. It could be that the rest of the meal was so good that my expectations were too high. The cake was very dry and didn't have much flavor.

Next time for dinner, I plan to try their version of scrambled eggs. I am intrigued by all of the sake they have to offer and would like to try some of them.

3 on Fourth recently started a lunch menu. I am anxious to see what a noon time experience can offer!


3 on Fourth
1432 A Fourth Street
Santa Monica, CA 9040
(310) 395-6765


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