Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Food For All

My heart is turned home these days. Having a baby does that to you. I find myself wondering where the money will come from to pay for my passion for good food. I love making food but I love the good ingredients that good food requires. I shop the farmer's markets for produce. This helps. We are lucky to live in a place that offers so many markets three times a week.

I recently read this article. This woman goes beyond having a passion for good food on a budget. She really makes every dollar work for her. Now I don't see myself dumpster diving anytime soon but I give her a HUGE amount of credit on making her budget work. It was an inspiring article. It touches on a topic that I wish I could change in this world. The notion that you have to be rich in this country to eat well. I think if you are rich eating well is easier and let's face it you do eat better quality food. You have access and money to do so. We have to remember(we=on a budget) to ignore the marketing that goes into food. Go for organic, go for no hormone meat but ignore the prepared foods and make it yourself. This alone will make your dollar go a long way.

If your money is tight, eating well has to take on a huge priority to make your budget work for your family. I think city dwellers have the worst time as we don't have the land to plant our own vegetables. That said-if your city dwelling offers you the space container gardening can be fruitful.

Any other ideas out there?


Blogger Michelle said...

We do a community garden plot in a neighborhood park. And, I've started clipping coupons from the Sunday paper and getting them off of the web... especially for household items that tend to be overpriced and eat into our food budget at the store.

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