Sunday, September 16, 2007


I have had some conversations with friends lately on the need for rest. We are all so busy that no one seems to make rest a priority. Have you noticed that even when you get that three day weekend that you have been looking forward to for months, you really don't find yourself you find yourself fixing, organizing and working to get all of the other things in your life done that you never have time to do!

Work seems to be the number one priority in everyone's life. I understand it. I love my work and it is also provides for me. I just wonder if we would all be just a little happier if we would just step back a step or two? What would your life be like if everyday you were told to leave work on time? If you actually took a lunch? If you picked up some food or brought it from home and just sat outside reading for an hour? I find I never find this freedom. I don't pause. I hurry to the next thing so that I can find some relief from the pressure of deadlines. But-what I find is I never win. There is always the next set of deadlines. So-week after week I push myself to find that the next week brings the same struggle and the same rush.

All of this effects what I eat and what food I supply myself for nuriousment. Now that I have a baby on the way, rushing and forgetting to eat isn't working well for me. Let's not even mention the guilt I have for not eating for baby...but it just isn't good for us not to eat or hurry to eat. But-we all do it. We get busy and forget to eat and elminate the energy we need to work more effectively and have the energy to keep going.

I challenge you this week to watch your daily eating patterns and how work effects you. What can you do to help yourself be better at taking care of yourself and simply eating when you need to eat? I think by taking the steps to getting in touch with our basic needs to eat, we may find that we acknowledge our need to find rest too.



Blogger Sarah C. said...

After over a month researching and writing a proposal, I took a rest this weekend. Now I am getting sick. I am fairly certain the trick is to never get off the treadmill!

5:47 PM  
Blogger Fer said...

It is amazing how when you allow the body to rest and you have been pushing it really hard....your bidy say "really I can rest now?" and you get sick as a dog!

I hope you feel better soon!


8:34 AM  

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