Friday, July 20, 2007

Food Given and Food Taken

I am always so amazed at the thoughtfulness there is in giving someone food. I think food is simply such a necessity of what we need as human beings, that when it is given to us, we automatically feel lighter and cared for.

I had a busy Friday. I ran into a vendor to return some light fixtures that were made wrong and drop off another one requiring a rewire (Don't you love design talk? Interior Designer by day-foodie by night...) As soon as I entered that warehouse, I was offered a quick hello and food & drink? For me that question, made the whole world stop and I quickly answered yes!

The "roach coach" was outside and Alex was quick on his feet to go grab me a Quesadilla with chicken. I wonder where the whole notion of "roach coach" started? I know why...but for some reason I wonder where. I beg to differ with this term, as all the food I have had from these kitchen on wheels is delicious. It has all been hot, freshly prepared food.

We addressed the issues I needed to discuss and then we all sat down for our meal. What a wonderful civilized thing to just eat with whomever happens to be there when the truck arrives. This experience wasn't just today-this vendor is like this everytime. If I drop by just before noon or before 9am there will be food involved! As I was leaving, we bid good bye and a quick offer was made to make sure next time I call first and they will make sure food is waiting for me.

I left with a smile on my face and a full tummy.


Anonymous Steven said...

it's good to have a full tummy!

1:50 AM  

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