Monday, June 25, 2007

Wood in my Lemonade?

"glycerol ester of wood rosin"....huh? What is that?

I have been into really meticulously reading labels lately. I love this sparkling pink lemonade from Trader Joe's. I had never read the ingredients until over the weekend. That is when I read "glycerol ester of wood rosin". I looked it up on the internet. I couldn't find much except this:

"The glycerol ester of wood rosin is used as a stabilizer for flavoring oils in selected fruit-flavored beverages. This stabilizer weighs down the oils and keeps them in solution. The actual content of the glycerol ester of wood oil in our finished product is at no more than 100 parts per million. This concentration meets FDA (Food & Drug Administration) regulations. According to our flavor supplier, glycerol ester of wood rosin is one of the most natural of the approved FDA ingredients to perform as stabilizers in fruit-flavored beverages".

Read directly from source here.

This concentration meets FDA regulations and it does say that it is the most natural (it's wood!) of the FDA ingredients to use as a stabilizer. But-what does any of this really tell me? I find it really frustrating when I am reading the ingredients in my food to find I have no idea what one is. I actually do my best to only eat what food I can read and understand all of its ingredients. It's interesting how I missed this and I am sure I won't be drinking my favorite pink lemonade anymore.

How many of you read the ingredients of the foods you buy? Are you surprised, shocked or do you not really consider it to be an issue?



Blogger Flax said...

"Glycerol ester of wood rosin" is indeed a funny sounding ingredient, but at no more than 100 ppm I don't know that it's much to be concerned about. I know what "palm oil" is, for example, and I'd certainly eat something with glycerol ester of wood rosin in it before something with palm oil. I say, unless I find out that a particular ingredient is awful for my health, taste might as well be the main consideration.

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