Thursday, June 28, 2007

Root Beer Taste Test-Third Installment

Here it is! This has been a long time coming! We have been trying some more root beers to add to our collection of taste tests. Some of the brands were recommendations from you-our FF readers. Thank you for your recommendations. Keep them coming because all we want to do is try more root beer!


Fitz's: We did it. We ordered this micro-brewed root beer from St. Louis MO. It might of been my expectations as I was greatly anticipating the delivery. The root beer was a bit of a disappointment. It quits early. Low carbonation, sugar cane sweetened but low on flavor. Not much to it really. Not a favorite.

Jones Pure Cane Soda Root Beer: It has a thin foundation. Very fizzy almost distracting. I had hope since it used pure cane sugar-which is great but when it came to a root beer flavor this one bottoms out. There just wasn't much to it. Very weak on the flavor. I kept taking drinks hoping to find it but it simply wasn't there.It is sharp and edgy but not any strong characteristics. This is one of our least favorites.

(Health Valley): Nice taste. Strong mint flavor, more syrupy than others tasted due to the fructose content, tones of anise, not too sweet. It is bright and very fuzzy making it refreshing. The taste hangs on your palate doesn't leave quickly like Fitz's.

Boylan's Root Beer: Not too fizzy as not to distract from the other flavors; Heavy vanilla tones-reminded of Nilla Wafers, Soft and warm palette. I have been looking for this root beer for a while. It has been recommended to us from a few readers. I was anxious to try it. It is a solid root beer with a good overall Fer Food stamp of approval!

Sea Dog Root Beer (Portland, Maine): This one is a great surprise! It is now part of our inner circle of favorites (along side Virgil's and Gale's). This brand once again demonstartes how sweetening with pure cane sugar preserves character and taste without being syrupy! We feel one of the most important attributes of root beer is the after taste. Sea Dog has a nice, clean finish and leaves you with the goodness of sasperilla root and not the medicine taste of the lesser brands. It has a malty taste that doesn't hit you right away but gives the root beer more gravity. It's light and fresh with just the right fizz. It is a good solid root beer. A special thank you to Kellie and Michael for sharing it with us!

**If you want to check out our other root beer taste tests read the 1st installment here. Or the second installment here.


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