Monday, August 14, 2006

Zero Waste is Not a Waste!

I am one of the 5000 people that attend the weekly SM Sunday Main Street Farmer’s Market. Recently, I have noticed a sign posted at all of the garbage stations around the market reading “Zero Waste”. Most of the market vendors have agreed to switch their food packaging from Styrofoam and other non-renewable products to all biodegradable or recyclable packaging and utensils. The forks are even recyclable! I actually prefer these forks to the plastic. The new forks are made from corn and cups are made from sugar cane. This change over has helped to divert three cubic yards of waste from the landfill each Sunday.

There are now alternatives for the classic paper plate. Bambu makes a plate out of 100% organically grown bamboo. The plates, once placed in compost will biodegrade in 4-6 months. The plates are beautiful and they make some nice utensils too.



Anonymous Bambi said...

Hey Fer,

Your Bambu link doesn't work.

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