Thursday, October 19, 2006

Grocery Lists

How do you tally or keep track of grocery items you need to buy? I use a chalkboard. My chalkboard ritual is so normal to me that I have never questioned if there is a better way to coordinate my grocery list. I track my list on the chalkboard and then transfer my list to paper so I have it at the market with me.

How do you make sure to pick up everything on your list? Do you know your market so well that you can write your list in row order according to the market you use? That would be very impressive. That isn’t me. I just grab the list and off I go down the isles. I check the list towards the end of my visit and make sure I have what I need prior to my departure.

Also-do you have a regular set of staples you buy other than the regula: milk, coffee, TP, cheese and fruit? I would love to hear what those items are!



Anonymous douglas said...

water, water, water, water, and water.

sometimes fruit.

and we watch for good deals on good meat. it is amazing how much meat differs from store to store. in our neighborhood the fresh meat is always less fresh (and way more expensive) then the 'nearing the sell date' meet at the store near my office.

how do i know what to get: my cell phone with my wife on the other end....

9:34 PM  

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