Monday, November 27, 2006

Honey Spiced Rum Mojitos

For Thanksgiving, I wanted to do a special pre-dinner drink for my guests. I love Mojitos but I have always contributed that drink to the sunny days of summer. So-why not do a new spin on an old favorite? I was inspired by the Savannah Bee Company. Instead of sugar I used a Tupelo honey. I also used a spiced rum instead of a plain one. The result was a delicious “spicy” version of the traditional Mojito.

Honey Spiced Rum Mojitos
5-6 Mint Sprigs
2 Tablespoons Honey (or to taste)
4 Jiggers Spiced Rum
5-6 Whole key limes
Tonic water

Place 3-4 sprigs of mint into a martini shaker. Cut four key limes in half and squeeze their juice and remnants into the shaker with the mint. Add two Tablespoons honey and four shots of the rum. Add ice to the top of the shaker. Shake the ingredients together. Split the shaker contents between two glasses. Pour tonic water to fill the rest of the glass.You can pour the drink over ice or have it straight up. I always like to add extra lime and a mint sprig to the finished glass. This recipe makes two servings.


*I am curious to make a sugar water with the honey for my next batch. The Topelo honey was great to use straight as it mixes well and does not simply drop to the bottom of the glass.


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