Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanksgiving Herbs

Fresh herbs are so beautiful. My first stop at the farmer's market is to pick up herbs so I can carry them around with me. I love to take the smells in as I walk around the market. Over the weekend, I thought about the herbs I will use for Thanksgiving dinner. There is a bouquet of herbs that can be used to create unique flavors and beauty for your meal. The herbs I will use for my Thanksgiving Day are: (shown left to right) Sage, Chives, Thyme and Mint.

Sage: The recipe for my turkey includes pulling back the skin of the turkey to place whole leaves of sage. After the turkey is browned and baked the skin becomes more translucent and the pattern of the leaves is revealed.

Chives: I usually make a small egg dish for Thanksgiving breakfast. I will use fresh chives, grated cheeses and some mushrooms.

Thyme: I am making a dish of brussel sprouts that requires fresh thyme.

Mint: I am making Honey Mojitos as a pre-dinner drink. A twist on the regular Mojito, this recipe has honey added. Not to worry-photos and recipe to come later!



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