Tuesday, January 02, 2007

For Better Consistency Don't Mix

I read an article in the NY Times recently regarding the FDA approving food from cloned animals is safe to eat.

What?? Think about that. The FDA approves our food to be made from cloned animals and (this is a big AND) it is safe to eat. It makes me think we are living one of those Sc-Fi movies I watched as a kid. I thought we were all so happy looking to eat local and eating more healthy? How can eating cloned meat be natural or healthy?

I stay tuned into what food is taboo-what to buy and what not to buy. For example: being told not to eat food from Chille as they have less restrictions on pestisides than the US. Now-let's just add to my reading agenda, reading labels to find if the meat is cloned or not. Or maybe not-"F.D.A. officials said that it was unlikely that labeling would be required because food from cloned animals is indistinguishable from other food, although a final decision about labeling has not been made." The article concludes that the meat and milk are safe from SOME farm animals. Lamb and poultry have not been thoroughly tested.

Just remember-you are what you eat.



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