Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Food of 2006...

I am absolutely floored that tomorrow will be 2007. As many of you, I am busy thinking about the past year and thought I would mention some of the hot food news for the year 2006:

1. Bacon was the food of the year. It seemed everywhere I looked people were writing and/or eating bacon.
2. Spinach: the E Coli scare
3. Transfats are being eliminated-2006 was the first year where the concern of transfats were making the news and people/companies were eliminating their use.
4. Foie Gras banned in Chicago
5. Labeling: Labels are being re-evaluated and written clearer to identify healthier foods for shoppers.
6. Organics are the new marketing campaign for your neighborhood grocery store. Everyone knows about them and just about all grocery stores carry them.
7. Rachel Ray
8. The Hostess comeback- Everyone seems to be making their own versions of the Snowball to Twinkies. The kids of the 70s are all grown up and now we are reminiscing about the sweet snacks of our youth.
9. Cupcakes! Everyone was trying to decide who has the best cupcakes. It was fun trying them all. Even Sprinkles Cupcakes are my favorite. Bundt cakes made a comeback too...
10. Vending machines = healthy? Vending machines now providing healthy alternatives along with the traditional.
11. Obesity in children is the hot topic and the hot problem. Overall national attention was finally made.
12. Butterscotch was the comeback flavor...although it didn't last very long.
13. Going back to the farm-eating local for health. It seemed that 2006 made a wider impact about eating local and re-visiting your roots on the farm.
14. Pinkberry Frozen yogurt was "thee" food everyone was talking about for months! The LA Times called it "The taste that launched a 1000 parking tickets".
15. Fer Food! The blog Fer Food came into being!! Stay tuned 2007 for what we have planned next!

Happy New Year from Fer food!


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Obese Children are becoming an epidemic! Where are the parents?

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