Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tiny Kitchens

A small kitchen can be a tough place to cook. I have a small kitchen and am always trying new ways to maximize my kitchen. Here are some new ideas that I have in utilizing my small kitchen:

Do you use all of your small appliances? If not, give them away to someone that will use them. Keeping appliances that you will "someday use" is taking up too much space in your kitchen.

You may think you should use all of the counter for storage but I disagree. There needs to be a place for everything in your kitchen and that means off the counter! That way it will enable you to have the space to just start cooking.

Think of ways to maximize the storage you do have. That doesn't always mean a "storage device". I have found that storage devices or bought kitchen "organizers" sometimes take up more space than what you are trying to store.

Think Double Duty.
Buy dishes or containers that you can use for more than one use. I have suggested using tops made for glassware as food storage. That way the storage required is not more than storing glasses away in their cabinet. If I had food storage containers it would require an entire additional cabinet I simply do not have.

Store Ingredients in Their Own Packaging.
I have noticed lately that sugars and flours come in a self-closing, "Zip-Loc" style bags. Instead of placing these ingredients into their own canister and stored them on the counter, I can easily stack these ingredients on top of one another inside a cabinet. It takes up so little space compared to the traditional flour, sugar, coffee canisters. There may be some that disagree with me in terms of coffee storage. I realize that there is a concern for coffee not staying fresh in its store bought packaging. So, if you do choose to keep one canister for coffee instead of the traditional three, it will still save you space. I find I drink my coffee so fast I don't need to worry about keeping it fresh by storing it into a different container.

Spread Out.
On big cooking days, I use my dining table as additional counter space. I roll out dough and bring out appliances. It works great in allowing me to maximize my space and help me be more efficient in my cooking.

Use wall space. Go up the walls with shelving if it allows you more storage opportunity.

Get a pot rack or put up open shelving to store the items you need regular access. No need digging into that bottom drawer looking for your measuring cup. Place it where it can be seen and can be used.

Placing a microwave or additional appliances on a cart works wonders in allowing more access to the tools you need. If you have deep drawers store your utensils in stacked trays. One on top of another. Use the depth of the drawer to maximize your storage potential.

There are many ideas that can help us all work better in our small kitchens. But it starts with first figuring out for yourself how you want to use your kitchen. When you figure that out, it will allow you to organize and store things appropriately. I think most of us just store things where they fit and not really think about how the area is used. Give it some thought and make yourself a plan. You might surprise yourself in how happy you can be in your tiny kitchen.



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