Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Tale of the Giant Leek

I am going to start a story and I thought it might be fun if everyone chimes in and adds to it. So-this is how we will make this work...I will start the first paragraph and then each of you should post a comment and keep the story moving along. Hopefully-as each comment is added, the story will grow, one comment at a time until someone gives it an ending or I do. We will have to see how it goes!

Ready? Go!


The Tale of the Giant Leek

Once upon a time there was a leek named Len. Today, he had missed his school bus and was quite upset. You see, he isn’t just an ordinary leek. He is big. Some say even giant. This problem has followed him everyday of his life. If the bus is crowded, he is too embarrassed to duck and shift his way through to find a seat as everyone points and stares. One bully named Elephant Garlic always calls Len names like “Bulk Head” or “Leaky”.

Len tries to make himself appear smaller. He had horrible posture and makes himself slump in order not to tower over his friends.

Len finally arrived at school, placed his things in his locker and ran to his first class. The last thing he needed was to be late. He took his favorite seat in the back row and waited for his home room to begin. Ms. P had just arrived and was busy writing today’s assignments on the chalkboard.


Blogger msftfan said...

As leek was sitting in school the bell rang and he ran to the playing field. There he was scared and just stared. He wanted to have security....

11:52 PM  
Anonymous melissa said...

... he wanted his mummy.

Then! As if time had been moving slowly Leek snapped back to reality to see his little brother Spring Onion being bullied by the beetroots.

1:26 AM  
Blogger Molly said...

This got Len really steamed. He could feel his greens brightening as he made his way across the playground as quickly as a giant leek can. Len knew the beetroot bullies would only pick on someone small than they were, someone like little Springy. He knew his formidable greens could crush those flimsey beetroot greens, but he was really hoping to avoid a confrontation and to get little Springy out of the way before he was diced.
Maybe this would be a good topic for his writing assignment he thought as he finally reached the far side of the playground, just in time to see...

7:58 PM  

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