Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blue Bird Cafe and Cupcakes

I finally went to Blue Bird Cafe in Culver City, CA. As I walked in I decided to take a seat next to the window. The help from behind the counter saw me and asked if they could help me. I said yes and then assumed I should order at the counter. I walked up and noticed a stack of menus clipped to the register. I took one and started to read. I ordered. Then, I was asked it was for here or to go. (huh?) I told her it was for here and only then did she ask me to take my seat. She wanted to come around to officially take my order (or re-take it). I just wanted to eat and nothing in life should be this confusing.

Sitting next to the window, I watched the cars pass by on National Blvd. The cafe sits right on the road. You kind of feel like you are in a town off a highway somewhere. There are palm trees and it feels tropical. The locale makes it seem as it is a place that hasn’t been “found” yet. Of’course this is simply not true. The Bluebird Cafe has a huge following. I have been meaning to try it for some time. The coffee is good in a neighborhood diner sort of way. The breakfast is simple and delicious. They serve great sliced tomatoes with a side of fruit with your choice of eggs. The portions are nice.

As I was eating, I noticed a girl about seven was staring at me. She was dressed in a black Karate uniform and was about to mouth her cheeseburger. I had just finished my meal when the waitress came back over and offered me a cupcake. Well-I normally don’t have one with breakfast but I would make an exception. It was 2pm afterall! I noticed they had Red Velvet. The waitress motioned over to the karate girl and said she was was eating the last one. I watched the girl take her last bite of the red velvet cupcake. Her Father noticed my gaze and advised that I probably wouldn’t want to fight her for it! I hadn’t realized that this place was known for their cupcakes. Cupcakes are the rage. Oh how I wish I could make up the next “new” fun food. Cupcakes are a self-contained food. I am a huge fan of self-contained food(more on that later). Anyway-my cupcake was good. The icing was perfect but the cake slightly dry. But good in a grandma-just-made-these-for-you kind of way. I can’t help but compare this cupcake to Sprinkles which according to who you talk to is thee place for cupcakes in LA. Sprinkles cupcakes are lighter and fluffier. They are made to perfection without a knife stroke of frosting out of place and a perfect sugar disc design on top. I think I prefer the Sprinkles cupcakes over the Blue Bird. But-I still have hope for Blue Bird. I always like to give places a second chance. Maybe next time I can try the Red Velvet!



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