Friday, October 20, 2006

Food Photo Friday!


Anonymous Steven said...

Caption number one:

"Is your refrigerator running?"

11:54 PM  
Anonymous steven said...

Caption number two:

"Yongzheng always dreamed of having enough money one day to afford a normal lunchbox."

12:02 AM  
Anonymous steven said...

Caption number three:

"All the children from the neighborhood wanted to play inside Weimin's unusual panniers."

12:17 AM  
Anonymous steven said...

Caption number four:

"Someone once told Wencheng that is bike wasn't cool, so he went and bought a fridge..."

12:21 AM  
Anonymous steven said...

Caption number five:

"Powering the fridge with his bicycle was the best solution Chaoxiang could come up with to reduce his electric bill."

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Erika Carney Haub said...

Steven, you are killing me. As always, you do not disappoint!

Fer, what a great photo!

8:56 AM  
Anonymous douglas said...

It amazes me that we marvel at atheletes who can put a basketball through a hoop, or hit a much smaller baseball traveling at 90 mph, or somehow squeeze through a hole just big enough for themself and a football.

At the beach sometimes I see guys with their surfboards strapped on the side of their bike and think how much balance and coordination that must take. Particularly as they weave through the boardwalk and down the street.

This picture, however, silences all previous moments of awe at any of the above. I have recently moved a refrigerator using a full-size pickup. I am both humbled and, honestly, perplexed. How the hell....

9:30 PM  

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