Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Culture of Yogurt

I found a great yogurt. I have been eating it for a while and thought I would pass on my great find. Spega La Natura Yogurt is imported in only a few flavors: Cinnamon & Ginger; Mixed Berry; Vanilla and Apricot. Although their website shows some additional flavors that are available, I have yet to see them on the shelf. This yogurt is difficult to find. It isn’t carried at that many grocery stores. I have had the best luck finding it at Trader Joe’s.

Yogurt is milk that has had two live active cultures added. These cultures break down the lactose in the milk and produces lactic acid. This is what gives the tangy taste to the yogurt. These cultures benefit the body through enhancing digestion and improve the absorption of nutrients. Yogurt is a good source for protein and calcium.


p.s. O.K. I admit it. I love the glass container!! I use them as votive holders. They look great grouped together. I have also used the glass jar for a single, cut short flower.


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