Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Food On A Plane

There is a new company that is tapping into a new market. People are always looking for options, right? Sky Meals will deliver made-to-order meals to the airport prior to your departure.

Sky Meals started when their co-founders were coming home from Paris and decided to pick up some food for their journey home. They enjoyed having the food as it prolonged their vacation a bit. They received such a great response from the people around them on the plane for the food. So-they decided to start a their own food business.

The typical meal doesn’t come cheap. It costs around $40.00. They claim that the cost is no more than the cost of a dinner at a fine restaurant (and it includes delivery). They offer meals for kids too. I wonder how business is going with all of the additional security going on at our airports. It is hard to believe that now in the world of "I remember when people use to smoke on airplanes" that in the years to come we might say "I remember when we could eat and drink on a plane".

In regards to the subject of plane food: I came across this website that reviews all airlines. Within each airline review it lists food and drink reviews. It was an interesting read. I like this one on Singapore Air as it had many food photographs. What has been your favorite meal on a plane?



Blogger Jess said...

Well..... I have never had ... well real food on a plane.... but the extra peanuts are always good....... and those flirtatious umm... "Stewards" always love a good laugh.... we wont go there... I guess all that time stuck on a plane... But yeah they have awesome peanuts.. and I love wine at 32,000 feet :-)


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