Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Good Cup O' Joe

I like to mix up my preparation of my morning coffee. I have a few coffee pots in which to choose: a regular drip, a vacuum pot (we call the “butt”), a french press and an espresso maker. With all of these different methods, you would think that I would have the best cup of coffee every morning. But-I don’t. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is o.k. but honestly I never make a GREAT cup of coffee. This is something I long to do. I am in the process of trying many different bean roasts from local coffee roasters. A report is forthcoming. Since I am on this hunt for the best brewed home coffee, I found this article an interesting read: The new coffee connoisseur.



Blogger Jess said...

I hear that!!! .. . I think its a nearly impossible feat..... I MEAN IMPOSSIBLE but when you do have a good cup..... ohhh yummmy

1:19 AM  
Anonymous Erika Carney Haub said...

So here is a good article on local microroasters here in L.A.,1,7962221.story?coll=la-headlines-food
Jones Coffee Roasters was the place in Pasadena I recommend next time you are in the area. The others listed are worth a look too! Let us know :)
I miss those Kaanapali beans...

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Steven said...

I'm sorry, nothing beats Stumptown Coffee in Portland Oregon.

Unless of course, they opened up another store someplace else. But EVEN THEN, the original is always better, isn't it? But hey! What if they moved the original Stumptown coffee building and all the materials and employees someplace else? Then I bet it would be just as good.

Then later, I could write another comment and go on and on about how good Stumptown Coffee is in Omaha...

7:15 PM  

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