Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Art Show

My office had an art show last week. Everyone brought art to sell. Hmmmmm...I don’t make art.

What I decided to do is make my own version of “art”. I made caramels. My art was (hopefully)not only from the taste of the food but from the presentation of the food. I had a lot of fun creating the “look” of these caramels. I visited so many ideas but eventually it came back to my original idea. I used Chinese take-out containers and tied hemp and/or raffia string around them. I used the hemp string to signify the addition of caramel with “nuts” and white raffia string to signify “plain” caramel. I wrapped each caramel in wax paper with a twist of each end.

These sweet caramels are a family recipe. Although not difficult to make, with a little thought in packaging, the food became art.



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