Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Recipe Boxes

Do you remember those little boxes that use to sit on a shelf? I remember growing up and everyone had one in their kitchen. My grandmothers, all of my aunts, my mom and each of their friends had one. I see such a change with the “old-fashioned” way we all handle our kitchens. We have laptops to handle the recipe finding now. Who needs an old recipe box? I do.

Recently, I have been cooking up my grandmother’s recipes. It has been so delightful to see her handwriting as I cook. It reminded me that even in the smallest way she is still with me when I cook. How wonderful it is that I have copies of her recipe cards! How sad it could be if my generation doesn’t have anything to hand down to their grandchildren except and old computer with some recipe files. I don’t want to knock technology. I am thrilled to look up and quickly find a recipe on the Internet; However, with all of that technology, we may miss out on some homegrown memories.



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