Monday, January 08, 2007

Southern Fried Turkey

Over the New Year's holiday, my husband's family has the tradition of frying a turkey. The preparation itself is better than eating the actual turkey (not really!).

Shooting up the turkey, (a combination of melted butter and tabasco sauce) the finished turkey has a golden brown, crispy outer coating with the moist meat having a nice kick. Not too hot as one would think as they watch all of those many tabasco bottles injected into their soon-to-be dinner! I always attribute the experience of watching the turkey fry like standing around a campfire. Once the turkey is dunked into the oil (it cooks 3 minutes per each pound) we stand around the pot and watch it bubble and sizzle. There is conversation, laughter and a nice warmth from the heat of that large turkey pot.



Blogger Jess said...

i thought our family was the only one to do this.... it was part of the if you think your family is a hick!!...

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