Monday, August 27, 2007

Cheerios and New Discoveries

Well...I have been gone haven't I?

I am finally ready to announce why I have been so lame in my posting...I'm pregnant! My energy level has been slim, hence why Fer Food has been nonexistent! Finally, in the last couple of weeks I have my energy back. So here I am!

My life will never be the same. My relationship to food right now has completely changed. It is difficult to eat right now. I have this consuming thought that plays over and over in my mind. Everything that enters my mouth is going directly to the new human being growing inside me. I have always been one of those people concerned with labels. I don't like to eat preservatives or any word I can't understand. But now I am even more of an avid reader and cannot believe what I am finding in some of our food.

I am so thankful of the way my mother fed me as a child. She was strict on sugar and preservatives. To this day I have never had a cavity and give her all the credit for my healthy mouth. I love that she took the hard way in ensuring her child's health rather than the whatever was easy to fix. I hope I can live up to this calling she has set before me as I bring my own child into the world. My mother also exposed me at a young age to a variety of foods. We would make homemade stir fry and egg rolls in our wok to always having me try everything on my plate. I always had to take at least one bite of everything. Our relationship to food starts right away and I am excited to pass my love for food to a new young eager mouth.

All this to say, I found a new love for an old time favorite. In my first month or two of pregnancy, Cheerios was my very best friend. I didn't have morning sickness. I had night sickness. I would get home and be so tired that I would want to pass out. I would also on occasion have a nauseous feeling in my stomach. I would read about morning sickness remedies and try to equate those to what I was going through. I read one remedy that made me laugh out loud. It said that if you would eat cereal or crackers in bed each morning, before you placed your feet on the floor-this would possibly take away the sickness. I thought that sounded ridiculous and even if it could help in some small way how could it help me as I didn't really feel sick in the morning but in the evening. A few weeks went by and I didn't feel any better. I decided to try the trick and bought myself a box of Cheerios. I tried it one morning and it completely took my funk away. Completely. I was amazed at this trick! I read more about it and it says that by eating before you get out of bed it stabilizes your blood sugar. The reason you feel nauseated is because your blood sugar dips down. Hence why they suggest new mothers eat every two hours or so. At night while you are sleeping, your blood sugar dips and if you eat right away it brings it back up. Amazing.

Fer Food had its one year anniversary recently. We are so excited that we have had a year of sharing food experiences with you. We will continue to offer a personal account of food findings and food interests. Thanks for reading!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Fer Food Friday!

We're Back! Stay tuned next week!

***Fer Food Friday is a weekly post sharing an internet photo find or a special shot we recently created. We want you to share too! Please feel free to send in your funny food photos or internet finds!