Friday, November 30, 2007

Fer Food Friday

Don't put all of your eggs into one basket!

***Fer Food Friday is a weekly post sharing an internet photo find or a special shot we recently created. We want you to share too! Please feel free to send in your funny food photos or internet finds!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

To Give Thanks

My friend Michelle listed 96 things she was thankful for this year. I wanted to share mine too (These are not in any specific order just how they came to mind). I like to think of this as a celebrate the world around you exercise.

96. Homemade pumpkin pie the day after Thanksgiving straight out of the fridge. (God I love it cold!)
95. Experiencing my first Hawaiian Lu'au
94. My weekly dinner of cheese tortellini with olive oil, fresh cracked pepper and parmesan cheese.
93. Living in California and the incredible source of foods we have here...
92. Working in an environment that I love.
91. Spending only two days in the hospital and then bedrest for only one week when we thought it might be 6-8 weeks.
90. Being pregnant! My new healthy, little friend who is kicking me all the time and reminding me my quiet times are soon to come to an end!
89. Pinkberry. Yes I still love it.
88. Laughs with my sister on the telephone. God-she is funny.
87. The nights of neighborhood walks to and from Houston's for a favorite meal.
86. My new kitchen arrangement.
85. The way Steven sings when he cleans.
84. Seeing a whale for the first time.
83. My mom's diagnosis. No chemo required!
82. A year would not be complete without Table 36. Especially this one...since there were "3" and "3".
81. My copies of Russian recipes from Anna.
80. Eating small foods in Neena's kicthen.
79. Weightless swimming with a prego belly.
78. Southern Cal weather.
77. The $200 cabinet that was the perfect size and the perfect look.
76. Orange juice.
75. Cold milk.
74. Vanilla ice cream with wheat germ.
73. The perfect pen and perfect pad of paper.
72. Seeing old friends and feeling like it had not been 10 years since I had seen them last.
71. Prenatal yoga and Jamba Juice with my friend Brandie.
70. My I-phone!
69. Surfas grilled cheese "to-go" box.
68. Shaved chocolate.
67. The farmer's market(s).
66. Drinking Gin and Juice with close friends in South Central....(BLUE gin and juice)!
65. Selling and giving away old stuff.
64. Funny food photos.
63. Reggie's deliveries of chocolate chip cookies.
62. Quiet Saturdays.
61. Lemonade. I cannot get enough of the stuff.
60. Eating tangerines by the bagful with my Father.
59. Finding the perfect highchair.
58. Gordy.
57. Neighborhood restaurants to walk to...
56. Mixed nuts but especially the almonds.
55. Finding my friend Mike again.
54. 13 years of marriage.
53. Cinnamon rolls.
52. My IM friends.
51. Healthy friends and family.
50. A full fridge. Nothing left on the shopping list!
49. My dinner at Greek Town in Chicago.
48. Flowers. Especially tuilps and peonies.
47. My laptop.
46. Cornbread.
45. Going to the beach.
44. Refinding favorite songs.
43. Passing on a "to-go" restaurant list to some friends that are going to Portland, Oregon for the first time.
42. The first hot chocolate with marshmellows of the season.
41. French Market lunch food delivery for a busy work day.
40. Finally buying the perfect coffee grinder!
39. Neighbors.
38. Laying by the pool and watching the Hawaiian clouds pass over my head.
37. Shoo's corner and all of her memories.
36. Friday night club dinners although few and far between...
35. Black boots with pointed tips.
34. Port.
33. My HUGE stainless steel bowl.
32. Putting up xmas lights early!
31. The find of the perfect hot fudge sundae and the perfect date to eat it.
30. The nightly ritual of hands on the tummy and our gasps of "wow" and "what is he doing in there?"
29. New cookbooks and ideas.
28. Knowledge.
27. Looking back at the last year of photos. Time goes so fast.
26. Fer Food.
25. Going to the movies on the scooter.
24. Balloons.
23. Kind words from strangers.
22. The ability to travel.
21. Cupcakes.
20. Quesadillas with chicken, cilantro and fresh salsa.
19. Sunsets.
18. Laughter.
17. Our new screen door.
16. People that actually use turn lanes and signal.
15. A little black cat named Jasper.
14. The ocean.
13. The perfect blue-grey paint color for the bedroom.
12. Bananas. They are the perfect food.
11. Making "pretty" meat trays with Duong.
10. Baby hiccups.
9. Getting gift packages in the mail!
8. Antique photos that make you want to know the people in them or atleast make up a story about them.
7. Color.
6. Big buttons on clothing.
5. Freedom.
4. Diversity.
3. Family visits and card games.
2. Carrots and Hummus
1. Quietly cooking at home for two.