Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Eating For One

To only make only one portion of cooked food is almost impossible. I realize that I usually eat most meals by myself except dinner. Dinner is usually my most prepared and thought out meal of the day. I usually cook or do some sort of preparation. The other meals are more simple and don’t require that much work.

My meals I eat by myself are usually the following: I like to eat salad. Salads and fruit are great eats for one. Sandwiches can be a nice meal especially hot sandwiches.

I like to nibble a meal. When I say “nibble” I mean small bites of many things: some cheese, some crackers, a celery stick, a pretzel or two dipped in hummus, some cucumber slices and then maybe if I am still hungry a bite or two from my left-over pasta bowl. How many people do you cook for on a daily basis? If you eat alone a lot what are your favorite things to prepare for yourself?



Anonymous douglas said...

*celery and peanut butter.
*apples (fuji/braeburn) and cheese (preferably sharp chedders) - and, oh, so thinly sliced. and not prepared. a whole apple, a babyloaf of tillamook, and a knife.
*breyer's vanilla ice cream w/ real vanilla bean specks and Erika's strawberry topping!
*toasted english muffin, peanut butter, lettuce, smoked turkey lunch meat sandwich (hey, this is GOOD!)
*pepperidge farm - need i say more....

1:53 PM  
Blogger Jess said...

it may be nerdy.. but I love mac and cheese... love it... and nothing is better than enjoying it all by yourself.....its comfort food more or less..... or the oh whats in the fridge im being subliminally teleavised. You know the idea watching lost and all of a sudden your hungry for fruit.... or that desperate housewives episode were ya want something extravigant .... blah blah... hahaha but yes... mac and cheese is still my fav...--jess

7:01 PM  

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