Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Interesting Tid Bits

An article in last Sunday's New York Times Magazine listed some patents that were issued this year. The writer color-coded the patents to classify them from "yuck" to brilliant". Here are a "Fer" selected few of the patent highlights:

NO. D527,165 Design for an ornamental cucumber sandwich
***This I had to see....so I looked it up. Click the link above to see illustration.
NO. 6,981,501 Personal air purifier seated in the user's nostrils
***This is for that person on your gift list that has absolutely everything.
NO. 6,998,112 Sleep-inducing toothpaste
***I thought this was brilliant. Just don't use it in the morning!!
NO. 7,047,648 Spoon with an extendable straw
***Better milkshake access!
NO. 7,060,314 Method of and apparatus for producing endless rolls of a resilient foodstuff
***I love the words "resilient foodstuff".
NO. 7,107,900 Apparatus for injecting an edible filling into a bagel
***Where does edible filling go if it is placed inside a bagel?



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