Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Roasting Tomatoes

Recently, I read about a new way to roast tomatoes in Cooks Illustrated. I was curious to try their suggestions. The outcome was perfect.

Cooks suggests that only vine-ripened tomatoes be used. These tomatoes have the best texture and were most consistent in their testing.

The tomatoes are roasted on a cooling rack that sits on top of a foil wrapped baking sheet. The tomatoes are cut into half pieces and placed seed side down on the rack. The heat is then allowed to circle the underside of the tomatoes and the lift of the rack projects the tomato skins slightly higher towards the heat source. The outcome is a nice roasted skin. The article suggests that you roast onion and the garlic cloves at the same time as the tomatoes. This saves time than sauteing the items separately for a sauce.

Cooks suggests that you roast in a 465 degree oven at 45-50 minutes. I found it did take the full 50 minutes. I am going to try to roast peppers in this fashion and see how they do.



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