Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Pig Repeated

Have you ever had a day where subjects are repeated to you multiple times? It really is a strange phenomenom. Today that topic was bacon!

My friend Liz from Buffalo, NY emailed me this morning and gave me the link on the blog She was responding to my past post on bacon flowers.

When I arrived home tonight I started reading my daily news and food feeds (get it food feeds?) and there was an article in the Dallas news about BACON!! The article lists the blog that Liz referred me. Wow. So-I guess the food of the day is bacon and I wanted you all to know! So-don't miss out and go and get yourself a BLT!!



Anonymous Buffalo Liz said...

That's bizarre! But it just goes to show bacon's undeniable widespread appeal, even to vegetarians!

I might just have to break out the Morningstar Farms fake bacon to celebrate this bizarre coincidence, even though it looks like doggie treats and tastes like hickory smoked plaster.

8:27 PM  

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