Thursday, January 11, 2007

Eat and See

I read a LA Times article recently identifying how people see (or want to see) religious figures in the foods we eat.

I lived in the South for a while and during that time I was lucky enough to see the famous "Mother Theresa Sticky Bun" or "Nun Bun". The coffee shop where it resided was not too far from my house. We all had to see it. Millions were intrigued by it. Nashville was making national headlines for a bun that looked like Theresa (and it did)! Read the coffee shop's story and see the "Nun Bun" here.

I really like that we live in a world that still has the imagination to see "food sightings". I even like it more that we term it a "sighting" like it is some sort of alien creature. When in actuality, it is the same pancake you just ate last week but it looks like.....


1/16/07 Update: Virgin Mary sighting


Anonymous Steven said...

The Nun Bun was on display at a local coffee house in Nashville called Bongo Java. Last year there was a break-in and the Nun Bun was stolen! Ya can't have nothin' nice.

I wonder where she is now...

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Nicole said...

I love it! "Nun Bun" :-)

11:50 PM  

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