Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

For Christmas I was given a Kitchen-Aid mixer. With this wonder gift, I received an ice cream maker attachment!

I wasn't sure how this attachment would work. What I found out was it is so easy to use and makes good ice cream. The attachment container needs to be frozen for at least 15 hours before use. After use and cleaning, it is a good idea to just place the container back into the freezer and it will be ready for your next batch.

It was a difficult choice....which flavor do I make....

Mint Chocolate-Chip? (my favorite)

Butter Pecan?



This is my very first time making ice cream so....I chose vanilla.

Vanilla is such a great base to perfect as you can add fruits, candies or nuts to make any flavor you can dream of inventing. My first batch was good. It had a great consistency; however, slightly too eggy for my taste. I plan on eliminating one of the yolks for my next batch. What a wonderful reward, for after the layers of preparation, you get to eat your very own ice cream. When I perfect the vanilla recipe I will post it.

The next batch will be chocolate chip!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm all about the homemade ice cream. I rarely buy the stuff anymore and can't tell you how often I'm happier as a result. There is just something so satisfying about it. I'm so bad, the core for my machine is always in the freezer ready to go. Right now, I'm all about my pistachio ice cream. Can't wait to see your recipe for vanilla. Enjoy!

10:39 AM  

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